6 February, 2019
¿ Diferencias entre imanes neodimio y imanes ferrita??

Should I buy a neodymium magnet or a ferrite magnet?

To decide on the right type of magnet, you must know the purpose for which you need the magnet. To avoid unwanted surprises later, it is […]
23 January, 2019
Imanes en juguetes y aparatos eléctricos

Applications of neodymium magnets in electrical appliances

The applications of neodymium magnets in electrical appliances are very specific, as they are for electric motors. Neodymium magnets are made of a combination of iron, […]
4 January, 2019
Imanes de ferrita

Is it possible to cut ferrite magnets without losing magnetism?

Is it possible to cut ferrite magnets without losing magnetism? The use of magnets is very wide, with many and varied applications, however, questions arise such […]
15 October, 2018
Imanes en el interior de las autocaravanas

Motorhome Magnets

Magnetic locks increase the pleasure of camping Lovers of camping appreciate the value of a motorhome. For them, there is nothing better than spending their free […]
21 September, 2018
Transporte magnético

The Magnetic Lifter, the ideal tool for transporting heavy loads

The transport of heavy materials often presents a great challenge. It is easier when the materials that move are loads that contain iron, such as metal […]
21 September, 2018
Imanes en el sector de la energia renovable

Wind energy: how to obtain electricity through magnets

More efficient use Due to the scarcity of fossil fuels and the incidents in different nuclear power reactors, the use of wind energy has acquired a new relevance. […]
21 September, 2018
Calibración de los equipos de control

Magnet-Physik visits our facilities

All equipment calibrated by Magnet-Physik This week a highly qualified professional from the Magnet-Physik (MPS) team, a German company with more than 40 years of experience and specialized […]
21 September, 2018
Imanes para el reciclaje

The importance of strong magnets in the recycling sector

Magnetism One of the greatest physical phenomena is, without a doubt, magnetism. You were surely fascinated by  the operation of a compass, when you learned about […]
20 September, 2018
Campo magnético Tierra

Did you know that the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from the Sun?

The magnetic field of the Earth plays a very important role in our lives, it protects us from the solar winds. These are currents of particles charged of […]