21 October, 2019
Biohacking, implantes de imanes en dedos

What is Biohacking?

Biohacking is a broad term covering a wide variety of activities, but in general, it is the idea that applying systemic thinking to human biology, that […]
17 October, 2019
¿Que imanes permanentes son mejores?

Discover the differences between natural and artificial magnets

The main difference between natural and artificial magnets is precisely that natural magnets will always be weaker than artificial magnets, which, moreover, can have the size […]
16 October, 2019
Encuentra los Superimanes Hymag en coches eléctricos

What are HyMag supermagnets of electric cars?

HyMag super magnets significantly increase the usable magnetic flux density of a permanent magnet by up to 30% more, offering a significant improvement in the energy […]
10 October, 2019
Imán utilizado en el contador de luz y agua

Which magnet is best for the water meter and electricity?

The best magnet for water and light meters is the neodymium magnet, currently considered the strongest permanent magnet in the world, because it is made from […]
7 October, 2019
Polo norte de un imán en la brújula

How do you know how to find the north pole of a magnet?

Magnets can have a variety of shapes. However, if you want to take a closer look at the poles of a magnet and distinguish the north […]
4 October, 2019
Protección para la cinta transportadora magnética

Magnetic extraction conveyors provide increased safety

Magnetic conveyor belts are used for lifting changes or partial retention of ferrous products. They can be used in tilting for almost vertical applications and even […]
2 October, 2019
Podemos hacer una medición magnética con gausímetros

Magnetic measurement using the best gaussimeters

We have already explained, in previous articles, that gaussimeters are special instruments used for magnetic measurement, that is, it inspects and checks the flow density, being […]
30 September, 2019
Bandas magnéticas resistentes a los imanes

Magnets and recommended safety distance

Magnets have different influences on devices: some devices are severely damaged, while others are only temporarily altered. Many of the following items have become an integral […]
26 September, 2019
Imán de neodimio o imán de ferrita?

Buy a neodymium magnet or a ferrite magnet

Neodymium magnet or ferrite magnet? To decide on the right type of magnet, you must know the purpose for which you need the magnet. In order […]