17 June, 2019
tape magnetic PVC coil17

The best magnets for walls with magnetic Paint

In this article we are going to discover that there are magnets that work better on walls that we have painted with a magnetic paint and […]
17 June, 2019
closures magnetic doors cupboards

Which magnets are most suitable for doors and cupboard doors?

Keeping our doors well closed is not always easy and forces us to make solutions that, many times, do not solve the problems and do nothing […]
14 June, 2019
magnet salnico ima magnetization

Difference between axial, radial and diametral magnetization

Before knowing the difference between axial, radial and diametric magnetization, it is necessary to know exactly what we are referring to when we speak of magnetization […]
11 June, 2019
Polyurethane Magnetic Profiles

What uses can magnets have in the construction sector?

The construction sector has always been one of the most dynamic sectors in Spain and also one of the most dynamic and innovative in the world. […]
7 June, 2019
shop security magnets

How to facilitate work in a warehouse with the use of magnets

Warehouses, and the magnets in them, are a fundamental pillar not only of industrial production centres such as factories, production plants and logistic centres; they also […]
5 June, 2019
magnetic tape in pvc coil

Applications of magnetic tapes

There is a good variety of applications for magnetic tapes. In fact, in the course of our lives, we often come into contact with magnetic tapes […]
4 June, 2019
electromagnets in mechanical escalators

How much strength does this magnet have?

Magnets are found in a large number of products that are part of our daily lives. From engines, refrigerators, credit cards and a host of electronic […]
3 June, 2019
injected magnets

Utilities of injected magnets

As not all magnets are used for the same thing, it is always interesting to know the advantages and conditions where a specific type of magnet […]
30 May, 2019
electroimanes en ascensores

What are electromagnets?

Electromagnets are magnets that work with electricity and are around us, many times, without us noticing. In fact, in a naval port, a rock concert and […]