Electromagnets are used in applications where a variable magnetic field is required and are the essential components for sectors such as automotive, recycling, packaging, electronics, medicine, stairs and mechanical lifts ... They are also used to collect or move heavy objects.

Its competitive advantage is the possibility of rapidly modifying or eliminating the magnetic field and regulating the amount of current. IMA offers a wide range of electromagnets that are divided into four series: circular, rectangular, drive and AC vibrators.

Electrical systems offer a wide range of products to transform, stabilize and improve the electricity grid in different sectors of the industry, such as electronics, renewable energy, medicine, transportation, communication and others.

En IMA nos introducimos en el sector de los sistemas eléctricos, ampliando aún más el catálogo de productos y aportando más opciones, tanto magnéticas como eléctricas. Estudiamos el problema / necesidad del cliente y aportamos la mejor solución pudiendo proteger los equipos o instalaciones eléctricas de variaciones y perturbaciones garantizando un suministro eléctrico de calidad.

Electromagnets are widely used for automatic actuation, without the need for human action. We can find them in doors, conveyors, elevators and escalators and allow us to regulate the strength of the magnetic field and turn it on or off, as needed.

On the other hand, electrical systems are used in a large number of industrial processes that require a stable and safe voltage. It is also common, that power lines become saturated or have no stability, that is, where variations in voltage are common. In this way, IMA's electrical systems acquire added value and guarantee voltage stability.

The use of electromagnets and electrical systems incorporated in the IMA catalog can significantly reduce costs due to production interruptions. They also provide greater security in both the industrial and domestic sectors thanks to control over tensions and powers.

Interruption reduction

Greater stability

More application security

Tension control and magnetic fields