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The electronic sector is one of the most growing in recent years, thanks to the change we have experienced from analog to digital.

The way to receive the signal, the cables, the methods of recording and storage of data, the connection to Internet, among others, have driven the increase of the benefits for this industry.

Sometimes, we are not aware of being surrounded by magnets, and much less that these are installed in a large number of electronic devices such as: screens, speakers, appliances, storage memories...

The rise of technology causes considerable growth in the sale of magnetic products. Some of the most interesting uses for the sector are the reading of data, which as we can find in the hard drives or in the magnetic stripe system of our bank cards. But also for the activation of elements such as a loudspeaker, where the magnet transforms the magnetic signal into an acoustic signal.

The advantage of using magnets as signal elements is that they are not affected by most of their environments, where they can be found with dust, humidity, shock or extreme temperatures.


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