Industrial magnetic systems are used for the protection of machinery in the production processes of different industries such as food, recycling, mining and others.

Iron is the most used material in any industrial sector and its presence can leave a certain amount of ferrous particles that can cause problems of quality and productivity.

At IMA we are specialists in iron particle removal, we study the specific problems and we manage to separate very small particles from the final product. They can be manufactured in different qualities of magnet depending on the degree of iron particles to be selected.

With the use of industrial magnetic systems manufactured by IMA can reduce production stop costs and increase the quality of the final product thanks to the safety of having no ferritic particles inside. The industrial magnetic systems of IMA are characterized by separating all types of metals, maintaining a high degree of reliability and facilitating rapid extraction of contamination. They can be manufactured in different dimensions.

These systems are made with robust structures of great durability, obtaining a great capacity of capture of the metallic particles and being very easy to install and use. The maintenance required for this type of machinery is very basic and scarce.

Reduction production stop costs

Increase in product quality

Basic maintenance of machinery

Quick smoke output