Injected plastics manufacturers

IMA offers a complete project development service for any client who needs to find a solution through injected plastics.

A complete service that is carried out through a process engineering that includes the design phase of the prototype, the manufacture of the mold, the exhaustive control of the quality of the pieces, production in series and ends with the delivery of the finished product to the customer.

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Experience and advice to design parts

We offer our experience in each of the projects, advising on the entire manufacturing process, whether from the design of parts, to the manufacture of molds or parts, and in the production of these.

We provide technical advice on each of the projects for each part, choosing the most appropriate raw materials, the design process and the manufacture or adaptation of the molds. All achieved according to the technical specifications offered by the client.

IMA provides Plastic Injection

Plastic injection has an added value over other materials and techniques, since it is a process that is characterized by rapid manufacturing, obtaining large quantities of the desired part in a very short period.

IMA manufactures all types of parts through the plastic injection procedure. Working with different materials such as thermoplastics, polymers and polyamides, we can successfully face any challenge that customers may pose.

We can develop any type of part or product using injected plastic, with varying shapes and sizes, and offering the plastic injection service for any job.

The development of parts can be done using the molds provided by the customer, or by making the injection molds in-house at IMA, whatever is the best option. There is also the possibility of finishing the entire manufacturing process of the injected parts, through complementary services such as assembly of parts or final finishes.

Thanks to the wide experience that IMA has acquired during our more than 30 years in the sector of magnetism, we offer the opportunity to carry out work on both magnet over-injection and elaboration of custom-injected magnets for any industrial sector.

IMA offers its clients the possibility of managing the entire process of creation and elaboration of parts injected in plastic. It includes the phases of: