Injection Mold Manufacturing

Injection molds must be of high quality and be manufactured with the highest precision, as they will be used for the mass production of many parts. You can check directly all our products on our online store.

IMA takes great care of the design and follow-up during the manufacturing process of all our molds, reducing costs and providing more cost-effective solutions that require less maintenance.

For this manufacturing process, a professional team using the latest and most efficient machinery and experience is necessary.

Injection molding process

Plastics injection molding is a manufacturing process where plastic granules are first introduced and then melted, compressed and injected with the plastic material (polyamides, polymers and thermoplastics).

Once the plastic material is melted and a hot resin is obtained, it is injected under pressure into the mold cavity, until the entire mold is filled. Once it solidifies, part of the mold is extracted by means of ejector pivots, and the part placed into a container.

During the manufacturing process the equipment is programmed to control the filling pressure, anticipating possible aesthetic problems and verifying the quality of the parts in real time.

IMA manages and provides all manufacturing processes involved in making a mold, providing better quality, effectiveness, lower cost and shorter manufacturing times.

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