If it is necessary to measure the magnetic flux or its density, or simply the characteristics of the different magnetic materials are required, you can acquire one of these products. They will provide you with additional information about the magnet, thus validating its quality.



In this category you can find a group of products specialized in the measurement and control of magnetism. Find out more about their specifications.


• Gaussmeter: special instrument used for the inspection and verification of the flow density, being one of the most universal devices in the field of magnetic measurement.

• Fluxmeter: They measure the magnetic flux and are used in any assembly line of motors and magnetic systems.

• Permeameter: Automatic control system for computerized measurements and high precision that serves to determine the magnetic characteristics of different magnetic materials. This equipment performs all demagnetization curves of any magnetic material. Said curves can also be carried out by subjecting the samples to high temperatures.

• Measurer and Viewer Pole: Portable magnetic field field control equipment. Through a light signal it indicates the direction of the field (pole N - pole S). The pole viewer is a means of visual control of the arrangement of the magnetic poles, placing it on the magnetic surface you can see the type of magnetization and the number of poles.