Custom magnets


The innumerable properties that magnets can contribute thanks to its magnetism in the medical sector, have placed it as a fundamental component in the manufacture of technology.

The permanent magnet gains strength with its unlimited number of applications. This magnetic element is used in laboratory machines, in electric motors of some devices, among others.

A magnetic solution increasingly used in the medical industry are plastic magnets. Its injection process allows the customization of the product. Thanks to our technical team, we can guarantee the best quality and meet the needs of our customers.

Prior to the manufacture of the product, we perform magnetic simulations that ensure compliance with the different technical requirements that magnets must have before producing these elements.

The electromagnets are also very used magnets in this sector to perform very specific functions in specialized medical equipment such as:

Dialysis machines and blood tests

Research and laboratory instruments

Artificial respiration and dosing

X-rays and radiology

CT, scanner and laser surgery