The injected magnets are magnetic products mixed with different plastic products. Its main advantage is the diversity of molding offered by the injection process, allowing the products to be customized to meet the needs of the customers.



There are different types of plastic magnets with very different properties, but from IMA we can provide professional technical advice to decide which solution is the best.


Plastic magnets can be injected, over-injected or pressed.

• Magnets injected in plastic are manufactured by magnetic ferrite or rare earth powders, incorporated in thermoplastics.

• Plastic over-injected magnets are sintered magnets to which an over-injection of plastic is applied.

• Plastic pressed magnets are the result of the union between thermoplastic binders and permanent magnet powders, and can be made in isotropic or anisotropic qualities.

We have a technical team of engineers responsible for the manufacture of plastic molds that together with a team of last generation, guarantee the best quality of our pieces.

We use simulation programs during the product development stage, to ensure that the plastic parts meet all the technical requirements before producing them.